Greetings from the Benefits Office during our season of social distancing.

Several of you have reached out with questions about the billing holiday for the church portion of the health insurance cost, as outlined in the Conference News Release found here. This billing holiday is for April, May, and June. You should have seen it reflected on your April invoice where you would have seen a total charge of $0 for the medical expense charged to the church. All other billing on the benefits invoice will continue.

If you have applied or are applying for the PPP loan, please see the Conference provided flow chart that considers the above referenced billing holiday found here. And for GCFA-provided information on filling out the form, please see the document found here. In addition, the Conference has an entire page on the website dedicated to COVID-19 resources, that you can find here.

In the Benefits Office, we get many phone calls and emails with questions about benefits. In order to make it easier for you all to find answers to benefits related questions, we’ve created a FAQ found here.

Also, we have specific pages for the following:

As always, we are here for any questions that are not covered that you may have while we are working from home. You can reach us at or

We hope you are all staying well!
Thank you,
Amy King, CPA
Conference Benefits Officer